Skyline gym started 20 years ago in 1989 when the manager of Rushey Green leisure centre 'Roger Kitterhing' took over the gym and renamed it Skyline, since it was on the top floor of the building and in Catford's skyline it seemed like a good name.

Kimberly-Anne Jones joined him as a colleague at skyline since she had at that time just won her first EFBB under 52kg British Championships which Roger had trained her for.

Under their joint guidance the gym changed from a fitness gym to a serious sports persons / body building gym.  The gym was opened up into an open plan area of 3250 feet.  Using their experience they acquired different pieces of equipment from a range of companies, purchased not on their looks but on real world performance values.

Over our 20 years we have helped many sports people to achieve their aims and bodybuilders to contest success.  For fitness needs we have had Power lifters, Racing Drivers, Swimmers, Olympic Divers, Track and Field athletes and of course the general public.
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