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Product Description
The QNT Protein Burst bar contains three of the best sources of protein (Whey Isolate, Calcium Caseinate & Soya Protein).  The confectionary taste of these bars makes them a fantastic snack for any time of the day.  However, they are best used as a recovery products after a workout.  The rich source of protein will help give your muscles what they need to rebuild and recovery quickly and effectively.  These bars also contain a good source of carbohydrates to help maintain energy levels.

Mix of proteins (whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, soy protein), dark chocolate 20%, inuline, glucose, fructose, hydrogenate vegetable fat, glycerol, natural flavor 1.2%.

Nutritional values
Typical nutritional values per 70g bar
Energy 274 kcal/1145 kJ
Carbohydrates 30.1g
Fat 7.63g
Proteins 21.21g
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