I've been involved in sport since school, when I left I started to learn karate, getting my first dan black belt at 19 years old and my second dan at 21.  I then turned to bodybuilding, doing a HND in sports science and sports management.  Using my knowledge I trained Kimberly-Anne for her first British Championship.

I was the British team captain in Czechoslovakia in 1988 for the Sandow Classic and I'm an international bodybuilding judge.  I opened Skyline Gym in 1989 with Kimberly-Anne. I'm willing to offer advice to all on training and diet, at present I rarely do any kind of one-to-one training although I do still teach Shotokan karate.

My ethos as always been; Don't be in a hurry, do things in a correct manor using correct form.  Use the muscles that are intended for the exercise you are performing.  Pay attention to warming up and stretching, it will help keep you injury free.  Quick gains and then an injury causing a long lay off are not as good as gradual gains on an uninterrupted ongoing basis.

I and the rest of the team believe in having an open your mind and anything is achievable within realistic limits.  Set yourself goals and be persistent.  We can give you the tools but you need to supply the effort.
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